Dhenkanal Autonomous College

Dhenkanal autonomous college established in the year of 1959, which produced many eminent personalities. It is located at calm area of the city.

Quality of education is top priority of this institute from Start, but with rapid change of education system and privatization of colleges, at some point parent forget the past glory and taking admission in Private colleges with higher fees.

Mahalaxmi Cinema Hall: Oldest in Dhenkanal May Close due to widen of National Highway

Many of must enjoyed watching movie at the Mahalaxmi Takies at Korian Dhenkanal. Now its fate depend on the wide road going through NH. As per Cinema authority, road wide may grasp whole building and they will plan to build a modern hall after road construction complete.

All we can say, we want to see this hall and keep it for our future generations.

Movie Hall

Oldest Cinema Hall of Dhenkanal


Ajodi – A Handloom and Handicraft Store Open now at Rathagada Near Gayatri Temple

Taste of people for food and clothes changing all over world and same reflect at Dhenkanal. Now most of us moving towards fast foods and modern western  dress.

With an aim of saving year old handloom and handicrafts AJODI came to market. This is one n only shop like this at our city of DHENKANAL.

Shop have unique collection of handloom and handicraft items from all over India.


Beauty Palace NX – New Electronics and Furniture Showroom Opening soon at Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal is a small city but in recent few years, we have seen the development of shops very rapidly. Each month a few new stores opening.  Like In January we saw the opening of a Unique Handloom and Handicraft store at Rathagada near Vegetable Market.

This month in July we saw a new store being ready at the same building where we have THE WORLD exist last year.

Beauty Palace NX store is not a new business to this beautiful town, they have already two old stores and expanding their capacity from Electronics to large Types of furniture.


Shop at Dhenkanal

Beauty Palace NX

List of hotels in dhenkanal near the railway station

Dhenkanal is like hill stations with joyful experience in every path it leads, the experience which bounces in our memories forever and stores a reminder note “should visit again,” which ticks now and then. Visiting a hill station refreshes our mind and soul, which brings tranquility to our mind for which our soul always craves. The pleasant weather, fresh air, tasty water, shopping, unbelievable nature of the Kapilash and Saptasajya hill stations always proves the saying “Incredible Odisha”. The pre preparation to travel a hill station must plan thoughtfully.

The attire should be chosen carefully to suit the climate if you are visiting in winter, should always carry thick blankets, shawl, sweater/jacket, socks, woolen cap, muffler/scarf, ear cover, and gloves to support our body against the mist and fog. Always wear fully covered warm clothes to maintain a proper body temperature against the mountain weather, avoid wearing sleeveless tops and shorts/ three-fourth pants. Do carry an appropriate Identity card and vehicle documents while visiting a tourist spot.

Trekking or mountaineering is an excellent experience while visiting a hill which cannot miss. The shoes we pick should be convenient to walk or foot on mountains, avoid wearing high heels since it won’t provide proper friction to foot on mountain slopes or sandals which don’t provide real warmness to our foot. A long walk at early morning when the air is pure and evening gives a marvelous experience to view the beauty of nature and forest wealth in India. Avoid wandering in an isolated place alone. Invest your traveling time in hill seeing nature beauty since this investment is always profitable.

Skin creams, moisturizers, and lip balm comes handy to combat against dry skin/lips which usually arise while visiting a hill station due to its chill mist and fog.

Medicines for cold, fever, skin rashes should carry while visiting hill stations. Should always drink & eat warm water and food in hill stations. Mineral water is best to consume in hill stations. Do enjoy the traditional food like Prasidha Bara of Dhenkanal, Ghuguni near Baji Rout Chowk and snacks.

Always carry a camera or handy cam to capture the beautiful moments and natures poses during the visit. Ensure proper battery charger, and the memory card took. Never miss shopping all the traditional tribal handicrafts at Kapilash, the straw art of Jirala or horn work of Dhenkanal district and famous products that the hill station is known.

While booking tickets, check the availability of hotels in Dhenkanal near Railway station. Like other small cities Dhenkanal has different quality of hotels in various budget and facilities, please talk to them before finalizing. After booking done, do not forget to inform them your train timing, so that they can pick you from station to hotel.

Hotels in dhenkanal

Hotel Surya, Dhenkanal

Here we are providing you a listing of hotels below to choose:

  • Surya Hotel
  • Dabakanya
  • Nirupama
  • Sakuntala
  • Sagar Sangam
  • R K Regency
  • Srikrishna Lodge
  • Sai Funny Guest House


There is some Govt accommodation available, but those need to be prior approval from Govt authorities. Here is the list below:

  • Circuit House
  • Inspection Bunglow
  • Zilla Parisad Bunglow

Hope this will help you. If still you need any help feel free to tweet us at Dhenkanaltown

Dhenkanal tourist places and food attract more visitors

Dhenkanal located on National Highway connecting Cuttack with Sambalpur. Dhenkanal is a district of Odisha. There are many numbers of famous tourist places.

It is the gateway toward one of the eldest forest covers of Orissa which houses the elephants, wild animals and various varieties of birds and beasts.

Bordered by Kendujhar to the north, Jajpur to the east, Angul to the west and Cuttack to the south, Dhenkanal is a lovely city of the state Odisha.

The old town of Dhenkanal in Odisha is a delicious mix of nature, spirituality, and history. Unusually will you find a city replete with characteristics of all? Don’t miss the chance to visit Orissa’s most famous tourist spots.

Thousands of travelers come to visit different attractions of Dhenkanal. Between all tourist places of Kapilash Temple is favorite of all.

The peak of Kapilas is at an altitude of 2,150 ft, differently acknowledged as Kailash of Odisha.

Also a site of spectacular beauty, Saptasajya is located at Dhenkanal which is also a picnic spot which situated at a distance of about 11 Km from the town, Visitors can go for adventurous trekking to the nearby hills to experience the wild roads.

Astasambhu Temple located in Kualo Dhenkanal is an ancient temple track back to about 1400 years ago which situated at a distance of 72 km from central town.

Kualo or Karamula was the old capital of Dhenkanal. Kualo located in the northern range of Dhenkanal town at a distance of 32 Km on the right side of river Brahmani. The kingdom ruled by the Shulki king who holds Stamba epithets. They were the feudatories of the Bahmukar king, and their God continued to be Lord Shiva. Therefore we observe eight Shiva temples at Kualo identified as Ashta Sambhu.

The kingdom ruled by the Shulki king who holds Stamba epithets. They were the feudatories of the Bahmukar king, and their God continued to be Lord Shiva. Therefore we observe eight Shiva temples at Kualo identified as Ashta Sambhu.

These eight Shiva lingams are known as – Kanakeswar, Swapneswar, Aisneswar, Kapileswar, Baidyanatheswar, Baneswar and Lokanatheswar.

Dhenkanal Hills

Saptasajya Road

Dhenkanal railway station which serves Dhenkanal district in the Indian state of Odisha. As per history, Dhenkanal railway station was developed in 1922 when Talcher coalfield linked to Howrah Chennai line. Now the station well connected to the main cities but still a long way to go, which we may see in future if some better Government come into power.

The nearest airport of Dhenkanal is at Bhubaneswar which is approximately 90 Kilometers away from our district head quarter.

Dhenkanal is Odisha Famous for Bara which made of black gram plus rice. It has a distinctive taste & aroma. Any tourist visit here if he does not taste it, all tour looks incomplete.

Jatan Nagar – The Palace which vanishing with time

Many of dhenkanalian’s also never visited the Palace of dhenkanal king which is called Jatan Nagar. Day of day this hisorical building getting damage and losing its value. Neither we as dhenkanal people nor anyone from Govt taken care of this old palace.

This was built by a prince Narasingh Pratap Dev. He built it by forcing labourers. Now this building ruin and become one of the haunted palace in Odisha.


Dhenkanal Haunted Palace


Sata Dola Utsav Celebration at Jadupati Vihar, Dhenkanal

Every year Jadupati Vihar’s Radha-Krishna Temple celebrate ‘Sata Dola Utsav’. It is celebrated after 7 day of Dola Purnima. In this occasion lots of people visit this temple and enjoyed Gauda Badi Dance (Stick Dance). Also they provide Mahaprasada which really very good and lots of quantity. All of the visitors eat this Mahaprasada in the Temple area. Temple authority arranged lights and pandals in this occasion which look very good in the evening.

Sala Dola Ussav in Jadupati Vihar

Sata Dola Ussav in Jadupati Vihar

Maha Shivaratri Celebration at Deulasahi, Dhenkanal

Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu festival celebrated each year in honour of Lord Shiva. In Odisha it is celebrated in every year with lots of joyful manners. Specially, women completely fast in this occasion and visit temple to pray to Lord Shiva. Temple’s area are full of pilgrimages with their ‘Puja Thali and diya’. It’s really nice to see as a viewer. Let’s you can check Shiva Temple’s of Deulasahi, Dhenkanal, Maha Shivaratri celebration.


‘Hirakud Dam’ Pride of Odisha Turned 61 Years

Hirakud Dam one of the longest major earthen dam situated in Sambalpur, Odisha. It is one of the first major multipurpose river valley projects in Independent India. It is designed to control floods in delta area of Mahanadi river. It was inaugurated by our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on 13th January 1957 and now it is completed 61 years. Reservoir of the Hirakud Dam is 55km long and total cost of the project was around Rs. 1000 millions in 1957.

Hirakud Dam: Pride of Odisha

Hirakud Dam: Pride of Odisha

Dhenkanal: The Mango Hub

We all know that Dhenkanal is very famous for mango cultivation. This is the main mango hub of Odisha. Every year lots of mango export to outside of the country. Mango of Dhenkanal is very sweet and delicious. Some well known mangoes like Amrapalli, Dashori, Himsagar are always high in demand. Now you will find lots of flowers in every Mango tree which almost covers green parts of the trees.

Season for Mango Flower

Season for Mango Flower

Best Tourist and Picnic Spots in Dhenkanal

In every Winter season we are always looking for some fun and travel. Because, this is the season when we need direct sunlight and in daytime we want to roam outsite of our house. So, little bit travelling and picnic is the ideal choice in this season. Because, we are all busy with our day to day life and not have much time to thinking about grand trip everytime. In Dhenkanal, you can find lots of nearby locations where you will make a short trip or picnic with spending a single day. Following are the well known places where you can make a plan to visit with family and friends:

  • Kamakhyadevi Temple
  • Kapilas Temple
  • Mahimagadi Joranda
  • Saptasajya Temple
  • Siddha Balaram Temple
  • Kanakeswar Temple (Kualo)
  • Naganatheswar Temple
  • Shri Kunjakant Temple
  • Saranga
  • Dandadhar
  • Ladagada
Kapilash Temple of Dhenkanal

Kapilash Temple of Dhenkanal

DPS Dhenkanal Celebrated 3rd Annual Function Recently

Delhi Public School (DPS) of Dhenkanal recently celebrated Annual Function in their school compound. The program celebrated on 17th December, 2016. This is their 3rd annual celebration. In this occasion, number of students perform various type of cultural performances. Like, dance, songs, ramp shows, plays, recitation etc. Lots of gatherings found in this occasion at the school.

3rd Annual Day Celebration of DPS Dhenkanal

3rd Annual Function Celebration of DPS Dhenkanal

National Level Pallishree Mela in Dhenkanal

Every year Pallishree Mela help in Dhenkanal during Laxmi Puja celebration in the month of October. This is a national level fair and you will see number of sellers came from different Indian states. Lots of handloom and handicrafts items they bring to sale here. In one place you will find a little India and their crafts with normal market price.

Dhenkanal Pallishree Mela 2016

Dhenkanal Pallishree Mela 2016