Dhenkanal Science Centre – A Place you must show you children

Dhenkanal don’t have much option for spending time for children. We have limited maintained park, play grounds, amusement parks, gaming zones, learning centres for extra curricular activity. Because of this much parents want to move to other city like Bhubaneswar or do not want to come back to dhenkanal if they are doing job out of town.

But Dhenkanal Science Centre one of the good option to take your child for some quality time, but yes the centre need to be well maintained and have all facilities. Children can learn more about science and share their knowledge to others.

So don’t be late, visit it and share your knowledge to your child.

Dhenkanal Science Centre

Dhenkanal Science Centre


What is the purpose of Vending Zones in Dhenkanal?

Dhenkanal town have few vending zones and district authority made these sheds to distribute to vendors to sell different daily use good to customers instead of sitting on pavement or unauthorized places.

After these vending zone made, it looks like this is just a waste of money if not distributed. Bhubaneswar we believe built same but effectively opened shops like vegetables, books, fruit stall, flower stall etc which not only looks good but city attract more customers daily.

If Possible can we make dhenkanal more organize and beautiful?

Veding zones in dhenkanal

Unused Vending zones in dhenkanal

Everyone is Dhenkanal District Need to take child security as high priority

Torture on childs in india rising day by day, which we need to stop by making public awareness. Recently you must heard how brutally a tuition teacher tortured a 3 year baby in Lake town, Kolkata.  Before appointing any teacher or guide make sure to know his/ her character and do a detail background check.

Govt of Odisha trying hard by putting billboards in different places in dhenkanal town and other towns in our state but all depend on us.

children safety in dhenkanal

A board showing child security at dhenkanal market