| Dhenkanal’s First Software Company

Dhenkanal city now have a software company which opened on 2nd October at their deulasahi office, their main focus is to make our city disgital friendly, so that even a small shop here will have a website with all his/ her business details. Skytopper Software Services now offer services like website development, software application, testing, contents, social media management, branding etc.

dhenkanal companies

New Software company in dhenkanal town

IIM Proposed in Odisha and Do we need this Business School in Dhenkanal

HRD department may looking for a place to finalize to setting up IIM Odisha very soon, but fight for the selection of place has been already started. Now some demand for Berhampur, few for Rourkela, another group for Angul and many more.

But remember than this is not a small school, we need to have all facility here like easy transport by rail, road and air, best hotels and more.

As a Dhenkanalian do you think as IIMC, we should have IIM in our city.

Please share your views.

where is IIM-Odisha

IIM-Odisha location

The Only One Four Wheeler Shop in Dhenknal Town

Dhenkanal town have multiple number of shops for two wheelers but for four wheeler maruti have the only store which sale all range of passenger cars to people of dhenkanal district. The store sells both new and used cars.

The show room is located in NH, just 300 meters from the shyamcharanpur railway station.

Four wheeler shop in dhenkanal, odisha

Four wheeler shop in dhenkanal, odisha

Khemka Shopping Mall Dhenkanal Town now serve customers in affordable clothing

Khemka shopping Mall which starts it operation in kunjakanta, dhenkanal now is a new shopping destination for consumers in our town. Apart from having clothing for men, women, children in cheap price, this store having home decor items in it. With there spacious mall. They have collection of blouses, sarees, bedding, handloom sarees, suits, wedding clothing and accessories which suit each persons budget.

Good Luck to both Mall and Public. Shopping reduce stress. Buy something and enjoy your day.

Khemaka shopping mall in dhenkanal

Khemaka shopping mall in dhenkanal

Youths of Dhenkanal are setting up shop without waiting for a Job

Money is flowing now in india from all cornors, if you are smart, hard working and energetic, no one can able to stop you to make money whether you have high qualification or not. Have money or not.

We have observed this in dhenkanal too, now younger generation not waiting for a job which was a trend before one decade. Now they setting up small shops like a tea stall, tiffin center on road side, small grocery shops, pan shops, the list may go very long. As we asked to them they are happy with the income by leaving with their family without leaving their home town for job.

This is really a good sign that india rising fast and all this on the hand of youth of india. Best of luck.

youth in small business

A Small Grocery store at Dhenkanal

Income Tax Office – Dhenkanal Town

Income tax office hold a special status for each individuals living in our country, whether you are doing Job or have your own business, all of us have to pay Taxes as per law. Dhenkanal Income Tax Office located at Kunjakanta just in front of Khemka Shopping Mall. Pay your due taxes in time and leave happily.

Income Tax Office, Dhenkanal, Odisha

Income Tax Office, Dhenkanal, Odisha

More and More Younger Generation Taking Up Business in Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal city is growing up and this clearly seen fom youngsters now. Young students even started doing some business to earn money early in their life to have a better future. Dhenkanal’s market clearly visible their talents.

Now more and more distributors for different product coming to our town by these young talented youngsters. Retail and wholesale shops growing and we have a better future at dhenkanal as a consumer.

Products like Medicine, shoes, fashion clothes, bike show rooms flourished here and have a better future. Thanks to all young new businessmen here. All the Best.

Distributors in dhenkanal

Distributors in dhenkanal

Dhenkanal Exports Mangoes to Other countries

All of you know dhenkanal district known for greenery and natural beauty. Now there is another good news. Slowly dhenkanal going to be the mango hub of Odisha, India.

Horticulture department helping farmer to find export quality sapling and keep regular training to produce high quality mangos. Other than dhenkanal other places which produce good quality produce are Gajapati, Koraput, Rayagada, Gunpur, Malkanpuri, Ganjam and Puri.

This year in 2014 most of the odisha mangoes exported to Dhaka, Bangladesh where demand of odisha fruit is on high. Mostly they are interested to buy Dussehri and Amrapali type of this fruit.

Do you like these mangos which is our home grown product. If not try it soon, before all mangoes exported to foreign countries.

Pollution Level Increasing Due to Stone Crossers in Dhenkanal District

Crosser business was there in dhenkanal from many years but no one following the rule and guidelines before starting these units. There are many rules but those are only kept in paper.

Day by day number is on rise in dhenkanal district. As Per report there are more than 200 crossers in our district only, it is much higher in odisha.

No One from govt or pollution control department taking it seriously. Pollution from these units affecting health of people around it and causing silicosis disease. Hope we can see light on these dark tunnel very soon if someone take action on it. Also we requesting owner to follow all safety standards and try to reduce dust which also help our society.

Pollution in Dhenkanal

Stone Crossers in Dhenkanal                          Image: Dharitri/06052014