Delhi Public School – Synergy – Dhenkanal Town

Dhenkanal town have many private and best govt schools, still day by day as population of city rising, more and more parents want their child to take admission in best place.

We have central school, monfort school, BB high school, Xavier school, saraswati sishu mandir and many best schools, still there is opportunity to start a school here which make synergy group to think of DPS.

Now sure we can get better students and future of dhenkanal seems bright.

Best schools in dhenkanal

Newly started DPS School by Synergy Group.

Dhenkanal Science Centre – A Place you must show you children

Dhenkanal don’t have much option for spending time for children. We have limited maintained park, play grounds, amusement parks, gaming zones, learning centres for extra curricular activity. Because of this much parents want to move to other city like Bhubaneswar or do not want to come back to dhenkanal if they are doing job out of town.

But Dhenkanal Science Centre one of the good option to take your child for some quality time, but yes the centre need to be well maintained and have all facilities. Children can learn more about science and share their knowledge to others.

So don’t be late, visit it and share your knowledge to your child.

Dhenkanal Science Centre

Dhenkanal Science Centre


IIM Proposed in Odisha and Do we need this Business School in Dhenkanal

HRD department may looking for a place to finalize to setting up IIM Odisha very soon, but fight for the selection of place has been already started. Now some demand for Berhampur, few for Rourkela, another group for Angul and many more.

But remember than this is not a small school, we need to have all facility here like easy transport by rail, road and air, best hotels and more.

As a Dhenkanalian do you think as IIMC, we should have IIM in our city.

Please share your views.

where is IIM-Odisha

IIM-Odisha location

Saraswati Sishu Vidya Mandira School, Dhenkanal

Saraswati Sishu Vidya Mandira School, Dhenkanal situated in front of Mahila Maha bidyalaya

Saraswati Sishu Vidya Mandira School, Dhenkanal situated in front of Mahila Maha bidyalaya

Saraswati Sishu Vidya Mandira School, Dhenkanal situated in front of Mahila Maha bidyalaya

Dhenkanal Autonomous College

Dhenkanal Autonomous College is the top college in dhenkanal district and each year this college produces more than thousands of brilliant student who join different fields of education to serve our country.

Dhenkanal Autonomous College

Dhenkanal Autonomous College

BB High School, Dhenkanal – Oldest School Losing Focus

Brajanath badajena high School which was named after the famous Kabi was losing focus. This school is one of the oldest school in Odisha, which already have many famous personality from its alumni.

Day by Day this educational institute losing its glory. This school need proper maintenance by Govt and support from old students to promote it.

Another factor which is an issue with modern parents, they believe that convent schools can give proper education to them.

Is it true?

Does Odia Medium students do better in career?

What is your view?________________

Dhenkanal's Best School

Brajanath Badajena High School, Dhenkanal Town

Montfort school dhenkanal – An Old way to Learn

Montfort school dhenkanal is a co educated institute located in mahisapat area of dhenkanal town, which was helping students of our area to learn and do better in their future.

Students and teacher are very keen to learn in this school. As the time passing on more and more parents interested to admit their child here.

Never Stop Learning ……

schools in dhenkanal

Monfort School dhenkanal