Handloom and Handicrafts Expo 2016 by Odisha Saree Store

It’s really appreciable for the initiative of Odisha Saree Store. They are always trying to help the weavers and artisans to sale their creations and to give them actual price. Presently, you will barely find this type of initiatives. Now they tried to live Indian olden crafts and arts with their Online Store.  Now they will appear for public display with their latest event announcement. Hope they will success in their mission. If we will like Indian handloom and handicrafts items we need to visit their Expo Event on the specified dates.

Handloom & Handicrafts Expo 2016

Handloom & Handicrafts Expo 2016




22nd Dhenkanal Book Fair Going on at Mini Stadium from Feb 1 to Feb 8

Dhenkanal’s 22nd Book Fair started at Mini Stadium ground from February 1 and will be continue till Feb 8. Many book sellers joined in this fair along with some advertisers from different fields. People love to spend some quality time here with their family.

Apart from book stalls small food stalls, stage for different cultural function set up here. In the advertisers list many local schools joined like DPS Dhenkanal who trying to attract parents by showing their catalog, school models.

Some buyers bought books for their children, some seen in the medical books, few were in mythological books sections, but overall it is a good place and time to spend with books.

“Learning gives creativity. Creativity leads to thinking. Thinking provides knowledge. Knowledge makes you great.” ― A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


22nd Dhenkanal book fair (Feb 01 to Feb 08) at Dhenkanal Mini Stadium

Skytopper.com | Dhenkanal’s First Software Company

Dhenkanal city now have a software company which opened on 2nd October at their deulasahi office, their main focus is to make our city disgital friendly, so that even a small shop here will have a website with all his/ her business details. Skytopper Software Services now offer services like website development, software application, testing, contents, social media management, branding etc.

dhenkanal companies

New Software company in dhenkanal town

Mini Stadium Dhenkanal – A Happening Place in our town

Dhenkanal have a big stadium for most of the sports and district level activity, but still administration feel happy and easy to organize events in mini stadium due to easy entry and space for stalls.

Events like Pustak Mela, Palishree Mela, Laxmi Puja bazaar, Diwali cracker stall during puja, food events, cricket matched fixed in this mini field. If you think of any idea, how more efficiently we can use it. Please send your email to info@dhenkanaltown.com

Dhenkanal Mini Stadium

Dhenkanal Mini Stadium