Nageswar Temple Deualasahi, Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal have many small temples but this is unique one which we love to visit. Best part is this situated on a triangle road, whether you go towards sankarpur or bhapur, this comes on a joint near deulasahi.

Best part is this Shiva Temple celebrate all major parba with properly and organized way. Shiva Ratri celebration is the best one after kapilash, devotees from all corner of our city come here for puja.

Nageswara Mandira

Nageswara Mandira

Preparation for dhenkanal Laxmi Puja 2015 and Flash Back

Dhenkanal is a small district of odisha .but it is so beautiful, there is many type of temple in dkl. There is kapilash siva temple,joranda mahimagadi temple, saptasjya ram temple.and many more . Basically  it is famous for laxmi puja. it is held on in month of October after durga puja. Dhenkanal laxmi puja is the world famous yatra.

The yatra held minimum 11 days.the fast day puja is called kumar purnami. Many type of people come to this puja and many shopkeepers also come to this puja for sell his product

Laxmi Puja

The Kapilash experience

If you get kicks out of completing challenges that most people think you can never conquer, the Kapilash temple is the right place to go. Located around 40 kilometers from the quite village of Deulasahi in Dhenkanal, Kapilash is one the hottest tourism destinations in the state of Odisha.

At the entrance point of the temple complex you can barely understand the exact height of the hill on top of which the temple is located. Once inside, it’s a one kilometre walk to the foot of the hill from which the stairs to the temple start. A tiny yet squeaky clean temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess in cow form marks the beginning of your journey upwards. A number of visitors turn down the challenge and only pay their respects to the last couple of steps at the bottom.

There is also an alternative path to the temple going around the entire hill. This is a 4 kilometre journey that can be traversed by car. The journey through the forests and perpendicular to the base of the hill is the one most tourists and locals fear to take. It is the one containing 1500+ steps.

Highest temple in odisha

Stairs of kapilash temple

The right way to climb these stairs is to go slow and rest after every 150-200 steps for maximum 5 minutes. It is also advisable to wear light cotton clothes and carry glucose water that can provide the energy boosts required. Since most tourists prefer the location during winters, the Kapilash trek can treat your eyes to some of the most astounding sceneries you can imagine. An interesting aspect of the trek is that there are no recommended stops or spots from where the view of the other mountains is beautiful, it is rather a continuous process of discovery. In fact it is possible at Kapilash that you might have experienced a view that no other tourist ever has.

There are several stories of Kapilash in Indian mythology and when you walk up these dark stone steps through the dense forest cover you can only wonder how life was hundreds of years ago.

Watch this space for more stories on Kapilash and the beautiful Dhenkanal.

The magic of Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal is a quiet little town in the middle of nowhere, Odisha. Surrounded by little hills that are small enough to tempt you to climb them and large enough for you to spend hours staring at them, Dhenkanal has the charm of the medieval times. Interestingly however in a location where constructions are so far and few between, the region has excellent roads that ensures a constant tourist flow. There are several places to see around the region and one of the biggest highlights is the mysterious and famed Kapilash temple, located on the top of a hill that you have to climb more than 1500 steps to reach.

Visit dhenkanal

Beauty of dhenkanal

In spite of the sparse population and an extremely laid back nature to the district, Dhenkanal has some of the best colleges in Odisha and in fact, India. The IIMC (Indian Institute of Mass Communication) is one such example.

The right time to visit Dhenkanal is during the Laxmi Puja in October when the entire town comes alive. Unlike the carnival during Durga Puja in the neighbouring state of Bengal, Odisha has a much longer and sustained celebration during Laxmi Puja that goes on over two weeks. Families and communities come together to celebrate this event and you can understand the spirit of the festival weeks ahead when the frequency of guests coming over for chit chat increases.

Dhenkanal also boasts of an extended market place that sells everything one can imagine available in a metro. For people looking to collect authentic Odiya artefacts, sample the most genuine Odiya cuisine or experience the true culture of the state, Dhenkanal is the place to be.

Gajalaxmi Puja Started with huge light and sound in dhenkanal town

Laxmi Puja celebration in the district headquarters town kicked off in a grand way at about 40 puja pandals on Tuesday. The festivities would continue till October 18.

Distinct and innovative pandals have come up in the seven km stretch from College Square to Korian Bypass. Laxmi Puja has been celebrated in the area since 1923.

This year, the puja pandal in Ratan Bazaar is celebrating its golden jubilee while that of Gopabandhu Bazaar is observing silver jubilee. Social issues and themes have found a major display in several pandals.

grab laxmipuja sales

dhenkanal town laxmi puja

Adding to the festivities, Odisha Rural Development and Marketing Society (ORMAS) and district administration are organising a national level Pallishree Mela at Dhenkanal main stadium. As many as 227 stalls have been set up by entrepreneurs from 15 States in the fair.

District and police administration have made elaborate arrangements to ensure an incident-free puja. The focus of district police is on strict traffic management in town. Joint Puja Committee chairman Gyanendra Behera expressed satisfaction over the arrangements made by the district and police administration.

As many as 16 platoons of police force including 12 from outside the district have been deployed in the town. The Puja Bazaars have been divided into five sectors each headed by a DSP. Fifteen temporary police outposts with extra personnel have been set up to keep an eye on mischief mongers during puja celebration.

Source: New Indian Express

2014 Laxmi puja in dhenkanal is not far. Lets do planning and shopping

Gaja Laxmi Puja in dhenkanal celebrated each year, all over town decorated with lighting and pandals. Stalls opened for different type of products from each state which mostly cover all type of products.

Laxmi Puja in dhenkanal is not far, slowly town will be decorated, planning done by authority, police, traffic, organizers of each bazaar. Are You ready for your laxmi puja shopping? Start saving and plan the items you want to buy this time.

laxmi puja dhenkanal 2014

laxmi puja dhenkanal 2013

Each Year Dhenkanal celebrate Palishree Mela

Paliishree Mela Dhenkanal, each a time when dhenkanal city gear up for laxmi puja each year, last year rain disturbed us to enjoy it, hope this year we can have better one.

national level Palishree Mela

Palishree Mela 2013 at dhenkanal stadium

Dhenkanal Laxmi Puja – Everyone wait for the Next Year

Laxmi puja is a time when dhenkanal town decorated and have a new look like girls look on the marriage day. Everyone in dhenkanal looks busy in shopping and decorating their home and nearest pandals.

Each Puja Mandap have its own committe which collect and regulate puja for maa each year. Even if some pandals are specially decorated, laxmi maa looks stunning in each place.

For children this is best time in dhenkanal, they can shop lot of toys, have new dresses, spend time with friends on different doli which placed near BB High School or Ganesh Bazar.

For Girls and women this is a chance to buy some sarees with jewellry for her and family, some ladies even think this is the only time they see whole town, as they could not able to go out in busy family work.

Apart from all puja bisarjan is the best, as all madap take idol through one way with music, dance and prosession. Last year was not very successful beacause of rain, hope 2014 laxmi puja will be the best one.

Every one in town or nearest places wait for the next puja to have fun.
Are You waiting for 2014 Laxmi Puja?

Dhenkanal Town Puja

Laxmi Maa