Kafil’s Plaza Restaurant Dhenkanal on heart of dhenkanal

Dhenkanal food lover have many choice now for their taste. You already must know Famous Bara of our town but as time revolving, our city have good quality hotels who cater quality food in affordable price. Kafil’s plaza is one of them. If you still not have a taste of it, we would recommend of this place where you can have Indian and Chinese foods for your day.

Recently they include lassi and ice creams for summer season which complete your choice. There are still need improvement of services which they will sure do as demand of foods goes up.

Hotels in Dhenkanal

Kafil’s Plaza: Best Hotels in Dhenkanal

Condition of Daily Vegetable and Fish Market in Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal’s Oldest Daily Market looks pretty old from the board, hope the market is maintained and regulated correctly by organizers. Daily vegetables and fish coming from near by villages in dhenkanal or other districts. As Dhenkanal’s population rising along with time we need to keep an eye on future expansion markets like this which serve people of dhenkanal.

Dhenkanal Vegetable and Fish Daily Market

Dhenkanal Vegetable and Fish Daily Market

Dhenkanal Exports Mangoes to Other countries

All of you know dhenkanal district known for greenery and natural beauty. Now there is another good news. Slowly dhenkanal going to be the mango hub of Odisha, India.

Horticulture department helping farmer to find export quality sapling and keep regular training to produce high quality mangos. Other than dhenkanal other places which produce good quality produce are Gajapati, Koraput, Rayagada, Gunpur, Malkanpuri, Ganjam and Puri.

This year in 2014 most of the odisha mangoes exported to Dhaka, Bangladesh where demand of odisha fruit is on high. Mostly they are interested to buy Dussehri and Amrapali type of this fruit.

Do you like these mangos which is our home grown product. If not try it soon, before all mangoes exported to foreign countries.