Dhenkanal’s First Online Shopping Website : www.odishasareestore.com

Dhenkanal is growing in population, education, business, medical facility, apartment culture  and many good things. During this we found a new thing in business in dhenkanal. Now Dhenkanal we have our first Online Shopping site “Odisha Saree Store” having website www.odishasareestore.com which deal with handloom and handicraft products.

It is really feel good to have such improvement in town like dhenkanal. In coming year we may see more new things in our dhenkanal district which will bring us glory and we feel proud to be a dhenkanalian.

Dhenkaal's First Online Shopping Site

Dhenkanal’s First Online Shopping Site


Straw Crafts – Jirala Village of Dhenkanal District

Jirala village may be not known to world, but this beautiful village has one talented artist who make amazing crafts from straws. Now he is not only doing it for him, he started training other poor children and women in this area. Mr Pradeepta Kumar Nayak, is talent handicraft artist from our Dhenkanal District which should be promoted to next level.

Handicrafts of dhenkanal

Straw Craft artist from Jirala, Dhenkanal

Source: Indian Express