The Kapilash experience

If you get kicks out of completing challenges that most people think you can never conquer, the Kapilash temple is the right place to go. Located around 40 kilometers from the quite village of Deulasahi in Dhenkanal, Kapilash is one the hottest tourism destinations in the state of Odisha.

At the entrance point of the temple complex you can barely understand the exact height of the hill on top of which the temple is located. Once inside, it’s a one kilometre walk to the foot of the hill from which the stairs to the temple start. A tiny yet squeaky clean temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess in cow form marks the beginning of your journey upwards. A number of visitors turn down the challenge and only pay their respects to the last couple of steps at the bottom.

There is also an alternative path to the temple going around the entire hill. This is a 4 kilometre journey that can be traversed by car. The journey through the forests and perpendicular to the base of the hill is the one most tourists and locals fear to take. It is the one containing 1500+ steps.

Highest temple in odisha

Stairs of kapilash temple

The right way to climb these stairs is to go slow and rest after every 150-200 steps for maximum 5 minutes. It is also advisable to wear light cotton clothes and carry glucose water that can provide the energy boosts required. Since most tourists prefer the location during winters, the Kapilash trek can treat your eyes to some of the most astounding sceneries you can imagine. An interesting aspect of the trek is that there are no recommended stops or spots from where the view of the other mountains is beautiful, it is rather a continuous process of discovery. In fact it is possible at Kapilash that you might have experienced a view that no other tourist ever has.

There are several stories of Kapilash in Indian mythology and when you walk up these dark stone steps through the dense forest cover you can only wonder how life was hundreds of years ago.

Watch this space for more stories on Kapilash and the beautiful Dhenkanal.

Nature’s Beauty Dhenkanal District on Rainy Season

Dhenkanal District is full of hills and all roads passes through many trees. If you travel around the district in rainy season, you will be surprised to see the mountains and small hills touching clouds. This is not lesser than any hill station in our country.

Come Learn and Enjoy.

Beautiful hills of dhenkanal district

Beautiful hills of dhenkanal district

Dhenkanal and elephants in around the district

Elephant and tigers are disapperaring all over india but in dhenkanal district we can see elephants easily on road if we travel towards Kapilash  or Bhapur road after evening. They pass on these main roads with their group.

Take care and look side of roads if you travel late at night, they may attack you.

Elephants on dhenkanal road

Elephants on dhenkanal road