Kafil’s Plaza Restaurant Dhenkanal on heart of dhenkanal

Dhenkanal food lover have many choice now for their taste. You already must know Famous Bara of our town but as time revolving, our city have good quality hotels who cater quality food in affordable price. Kafil’s plaza is one of them. If you still not have a taste of it, we would recommend of this place where you can have Indian and Chinese foods for your day.

Recently they include lassi and ice creams for summer season which complete your choice. There are still need improvement of services which they will sure do as demand of foods goes up.

Hotels in Dhenkanal

Kafil’s Plaza: Best Hotels in Dhenkanal

Khadim’s Opened a Showroom in Dhenkanal Town last year in 2013

Dhenkanal flourishing in business and slowly different franchise options opened here in our town. Recently we have honda showroom, maruti, hero, and now Khadim also started last year in 2013.

There is not much waiting time now, you will soon see franchises like McDonald, Cafe Coffee Day, Domino’s Pizza, Big Bazaar in Dhenkanal Town.

It is going to be paradise for customers living in our city.


Khadim Shop in dhenkanal town

Khadim Shop in dhenkanal town opened in 2013

2014 Laxmi puja in dhenkanal is not far. Lets do planning and shopping

Gaja Laxmi Puja in dhenkanal celebrated each year, all over town decorated with lighting and pandals. Stalls opened for different type of products from each state which mostly cover all type of products.

Laxmi Puja in dhenkanal is not far, slowly town will be decorated, planning done by authority, police, traffic, organizers of each bazaar. Are You ready for your laxmi puja shopping? Start saving and plan the items you want to buy this time.

laxmi puja dhenkanal 2014

laxmi puja dhenkanal 2013

What is the purpose of Vending Zones in Dhenkanal?

Dhenkanal town have few vending zones and district authority made these sheds to distribute to vendors to sell different daily use good to customers instead of sitting on pavement or unauthorized places.

After these vending zone made, it looks like this is just a waste of money if not distributed. Bhubaneswar we believe built same but effectively opened shops like vegetables, books, fruit stall, flower stall etc which not only looks good but city attract more customers daily.

If Possible can we make dhenkanal more organize and beautiful?

Veding zones in dhenkanal

Unused Vending zones in dhenkanal

Khemka Shopping Mall Dhenkanal Town now serve customers in affordable clothing

Khemka shopping Mall which starts it operation in kunjakanta, dhenkanal now is a new shopping destination for consumers in our town. Apart from having clothing for men, women, children in cheap price, this store having home decor items in it. With there spacious mall. They have collection of blouses, sarees, bedding, handloom sarees, suits, wedding clothing and accessories which suit each persons budget.

Good Luck to both Mall and Public. Shopping reduce stress. Buy something and enjoy your day.

Khemaka shopping mall in dhenkanal

Khemaka shopping mall in dhenkanal

Hero Bike Show Room in Dhenkanal

Now with time, number of bike riders in india rising. Now each family member need a bike or car for him/ her. Because of all major towns in india now have multiple number of car and bike showrooms which sold them to desired customer and also offer services for those vehicle.

Bike and Car showroom in Dhenkanal District

Bike and Car showrooms in Dhenkanal Town

Condition of Daily Vegetable and Fish Market in Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal’s Oldest Daily Market looks pretty old from the board, hope the market is maintained and regulated correctly by organizers. Daily vegetables and fish coming from near by villages in dhenkanal or other districts. As Dhenkanal’s population rising along with time we need to keep an eye on future expansion markets like this which serve people of dhenkanal.

Dhenkanal Vegetable and Fish Daily Market

Dhenkanal Vegetable and Fish Daily Market

More and More Younger Generation Taking Up Business in Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal city is growing up and this clearly seen fom youngsters now. Young students even started doing some business to earn money early in their life to have a better future. Dhenkanal’s market clearly visible their talents.

Now more and more distributors for different product coming to our town by these young talented youngsters. Retail and wholesale shops growing and we have a better future at dhenkanal as a consumer.

Products like Medicine, shoes, fashion clothes, bike show rooms flourished here and have a better future. Thanks to all young new businessmen here. All the Best.

Distributors in dhenkanal

Distributors in dhenkanal

Indira Gandhi Market – Dhenkanal attract customers daily

Dhenkanal town is now favorite of visitors from town and other nearby places. Now we have shopping malls, best resturants, movie halls, ice cream parlours, bara shops and other stalls. During evening hours people love to visit IG Market which looks like center of dhenkanal town.

If you look even today you will find many men, women with children enjoying Bara, Dosa, Gup Chup, Lassi and other fast food products in this area. Some time it is hard to be there in such a rush place with children. You can shop all your needs saree, salwar, shoes, Electonics etc in this market and other nearest locations, but do not rely on the ATM located here from SBI, this atm works if you have a good luck.

Enjoy this market with your family and have a nice time.

Indira Gandhi Super Market

Indira Gandhi Super Market, Dhenkanal Town