Hero Bike Show Room in Dhenkanal

Now with time, number of bike riders in india rising. Now each family member need a bike or car for him/ her. Because of all major towns in india now have multiple number of car and bike showrooms which sold them to desired customer and also offer services for those vehicle.

Bike and Car showroom in Dhenkanal District

Bike and Car showrooms in Dhenkanal Town

Rubber Plantation in Dhenkanal District

Rubber is generally planted in large fields and from each tree latex collected through coconut shell. All trees planted in same distance which give a beautiful look to this area. Dhenkanal district also have rubber plantation drive which you can see if you travel to saptasajya area.

Most of didn’t even know it exist. Why are you waiting for go and have a look and start planting rubber.


Natural Rubber Plants, Dhenkanal

Natural Rubber Plants, Dhenkanal

Pollution Level Increasing Due to Stone Crossers in Dhenkanal District

Crosser business was there in dhenkanal from many years but no one following the rule and guidelines before starting these units. There are many rules but those are only kept in paper.

Day by day number is on rise in dhenkanal district. As Per report there are more than 200 crossers in our district only, it is much higher in odisha.

No One from govt or pollution control department taking it seriously. Pollution from these units affecting health of people around it and causing silicosis disease. Hope we can see light on these dark tunnel very soon if someone take action on it. Also we requesting owner to follow all safety standards and try to reduce dust which also help our society.

Pollution in Dhenkanal

Stone Crossers in Dhenkanal                          Image: Dharitri/06052014