List of hotels in dhenkanal near the railway station

Dhenkanal is like hill stations with joyful experience in every path it leads, the experience which bounces in our memories forever and stores a reminder note “should visit again,” which ticks now and then. Visiting a hill station refreshes our mind and soul, which brings tranquility to our mind for which our soul always craves. The pleasant weather, fresh air, tasty water, shopping, unbelievable nature of the Kapilash and Saptasajya hill stations always proves the saying “Incredible Odisha”. The pre preparation to travel a hill station must plan thoughtfully.

The attire should be chosen carefully to suit the climate if you are visiting in winter, should always carry thick blankets, shawl, sweater/jacket, socks, woolen cap, muffler/scarf, ear cover, and gloves to support our body against the mist and fog. Always wear fully covered warm clothes to maintain a proper body temperature against the mountain weather, avoid wearing sleeveless tops and shorts/ three-fourth pants. Do carry an appropriate Identity card and vehicle documents while visiting a tourist spot.

Trekking or mountaineering is an excellent experience while visiting a hill which cannot miss. The shoes we pick should be convenient to walk or foot on mountains, avoid wearing high heels since it won’t provide proper friction to foot on mountain slopes or sandals which don’t provide real warmness to our foot. A long walk at early morning when the air is pure and evening gives a marvelous experience to view the beauty of nature and forest wealth in India. Avoid wandering in an isolated place alone. Invest your traveling time in hill seeing nature beauty since this investment is always profitable.

Skin creams, moisturizers, and lip balm comes handy to combat against dry skin/lips which usually arise while visiting a hill station due to its chill mist and fog.

Medicines for cold, fever, skin rashes should carry while visiting hill stations. Should always drink & eat warm water and food in hill stations. Mineral water is best to consume in hill stations. Do enjoy the traditional food like Prasidha Bara of Dhenkanal, Ghuguni near Baji Rout Chowk and snacks.

Always carry a camera or handy cam to capture the beautiful moments and natures poses during the visit. Ensure proper battery charger, and the memory card took. Never miss shopping all the traditional tribal handicrafts at Kapilash, the straw art of Jirala or horn work of Dhenkanal district and famous products that the hill station is known.

While booking tickets, check the availability of hotels in Dhenkanal near Railway station. Like other small cities Dhenkanal has different quality of hotels in various budget and facilities, please talk to them before finalizing. After booking done, do not forget to inform them your train timing, so that they can pick you from station to hotel.

Hotels in dhenkanal

Hotel Surya, Dhenkanal

Here we are providing you a listing of hotels below to choose:

  • Surya Hotel
  • Dabakanya
  • Nirupama
  • Sakuntala
  • Sagar Sangam
  • R K Regency
  • Srikrishna Lodge
  • Sai Funny Guest House


There is some Govt accommodation available, but those need to be prior approval from Govt authorities. Here is the list below:

  • Circuit House
  • Inspection Bunglow
  • Zilla Parisad Bunglow

Hope this will help you. If still you need any help feel free to tweet us at Dhenkanaltown

A Railway Over Bridge at Dhenkanal whose Making taking more than a Decade

We as dhenkanalian saw the making of the railway bridge between dhenkanal and similia from a decade but the work still in progress.  People facing lot of problem for it and specially the areas connected around similia and goes to kapilash part.  God Knows when this is going to be complete and we not face the traffic problem during passing trains through dhenkanal.

Dhenkanal Railway Over Bridge

Dhenkanal Railway Over Bridge

Train Timing at Dhenkanal Station

Train Timing at Dhenkanal Town Railway Station

dhenkanal railway station

Trains running through dhenkanal

Train Code Train Name Arriaval Departure Stop time Days of run
12879 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus-Bhubaneswar Express 05:26 05:28 2 min Thu Sun
18418 Bhubaneswar-Jharsuguda Rajya Rani Express 00:35 00:37 2 min Tue Fri Sun
12880 Bhubaneswar-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express 08:44 08:45 1 min Tue Fri
18304 Sambalpur Express 18:29 18:30 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12832 Bhubaneswar-Dhanbad Garib Rath 21:44 21:45 1 min Mon Wed Sat
12146 Bhubaneswar-Kurla Lokmanya Tilak (T) Express 00:34 00:35 1 min Wed
12145 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus-Bhubaneshwar Express 03:36 03:38 2 min Mon
18507 Hirakud Express 08:09 08:10 1 min Tue Fri Sat
58414 Puri Talcher Passenger 21:24 21:25 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12584 Puri-Valsad Weekly SF Express 08:44 08:45 1 min Mon
58422 Puri Angul Fast Passenger 19:29 19:30 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18303 Sambalpur Puri InterCity Express 09:39 09:40 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12585 Howrah- Sambalpur Express 03:44 03:45 1 min Sun
18474 Jodhpur-Puri Express 07:43 07:45 2 min Sun
18405 Puri Ahmedabad Express 20:46 20:47 1 min Thu
18451 Tapaswini Express 02:54 02:55 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18106 Bhubaneswar-Rourkela InterCity 14:34 14:35 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
58131 Rourkela-Puri Passenger 18:19 18:20 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12993 Gandhidham – Puri (Weekly) SF Express 13:15 13:17 2 min Sat
12744 Surat-Puri Weekly Express 13:13 13:15 2 min Wed
12831 Dhanbad-Bhubaneswar Garib Rath 05:42 05:43 1 min Tue Thu Sun
12583 Valsad-Puri SF Express 06:51 06:53 2 min Fri
18105 Rourkela-Bhubaneswar InterCity 11:37 11:38 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
58132 Puri Rourkela Passenger 09:09 09:10 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18406 Ahmedabad Puri Express 05:10 05:12 2 min Sat
12893 Bhubaneswar Balangir Express 07:54 07:55 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
58413 Dhenkanal Puri Passenger 06:29 06:30 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18473 Puri-Jodhpur Express 16:39 16:40 1 min Thu
58421 Angul Puri Fast Passenger 07:24 07:25 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
12743 Puri-Surat Express 22:12 22:13 1 min Mon
18452 Tapaswini Express 23:42 23:43 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18452-Slip Tapaswini Express Slip Source Destination Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18425 Puri Durg Express 20:59 21:00 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18508 Amritsar Visakhapatnam Triweekly Hirakud Express 14:45 14:47 2 min Mon Thu Sun
12586 Sambalpur- Howrah Express 23:45 23:46 1 min Sat
18417 Jharsuguda-Bhubaneswar Rajya Rani Express 04:39 04:40 1 min Mon Wed Sat
12994 Puri-Gandhidham Weekly SF Express 22:13 22:15 2 min Tue
12894 Balangir Bhubaneswar Express 20:32 20:33 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun
18426 Durg Puri Express 04:56 04:57 1 min Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat Sun


New Trains and Extension of trains in Railway Budget 2014


Railway Budget 2014

Railway Budget 2014

Jansadharan Trains

i) Ahmedabad-Darbhanga Jansadharan Express via Surat
ii Jaynagar-Mumbai Jansadharan Express
iii) Mumbai-Gorakhpur Jansadharan Express
iv) Saharasa-Anand Vihar Jansadharan Express via Motihari
v) Saharasa-Amritsar Jansadharan Express
Premium Trains
i) Mumbai Central-New Delhi Premium AC Express
ii) Shalimar-Chennai Premium AC Express
iii) Secunderabad- Hazrat Nizamuddin Premium AC Express
iv)Jaipur-Madurai Premium Express
v) Kamakhya-Bengaluru Premium Express
AC ExpressTrains
i) VijayawadaNewDelhiAPExpress(Daily)
ii) LokmanyaTilak(T)-Lucknow(Weekly)
iii) Nagpur-Pune(Weekly)
iv) Nagpur-Amritsar(Weekly)
v) Naharlagun-NewDelhi(Weekly)
vi) Nizamuddin-Pune(Weekly)


i) Ahmedabad-Patna Express(Weekly)via Varanasi
ii) Ahmedabad Chennai Express(Biweekly)via Vasai Road
iii) Bengaluru -Mangalore Express(Daily)
iv) Bengaluru -Shimoga Express(Biweekly)
v) Bandra(T)-Jaipur Express(Weekly)Via Nagda,Kota
vi) Bidar-Mumbai Express(Weekly)
vii) Chhapra-Lucknow Express (Tri weekly)viaBallia,Ghazipur,Varanasi
viii) Ferozpur-Chandigarh Express(6 days a week)
ix) Guwahati-Naharlagun Intercity Express(Daily)
x) Guwahati-Murkongselek Intercity Express(Daily)
xi) Gorakhpur-Anand Vihar Express(Weekly)
xii) Hapa-Bilaspur Express(Weekly)via Nagpur
xiii) Hazur Saheb Nanded-Bikaner Express(Weekly)
xiv) Indore-Jammu Tawi Express(Weekly)
xv) Kamakhya-Katra Express(Weekly)via Darbhanga
xvi) Kanpur-Jammu Tawi Express(Biweekly)
xvii) Lokmanya Tilak(T)-Azamgarh Express(Weekly)
xviii) Mumbai_Kazipeth Express(Weekly)via Balharshah
xix) Mumbai-Palitana Express(Weekly)
xx) New Delhi Bhatinda Shatabdi Express(Biweekly)
xxi) New Delhi-Varanasi Express(Daily)
xxii) Paradeep-Howrah Express(Weekly)
xxiii) Paradeep-Visakhapatnam Express(Weekly)
xxiv) Rajkot-Rewa Express(Weekly)
xxv) Ramnagar-Agra Express(Weekly)
xxvi) Tatanagar Baiyyappanahali (Bengaluru) Express(Weekly)
xxvii) Visakhapatnam-Chennai Express(Weekly)

Passenger Trains

i) Bikaner-Rewari Passenger(Daily)
ii) Dharwad-Dandeli Passenger(Daily)via Alnavar
iii) Gorakhpur-Nautanwa Passenger(Daily)
iv) Guwahati-Mendipathar Passenger(Daily)
v) Hatia-Rourkela Passenger
vi) Byndoor-Kasaragod Passenger(Daily)
vii) Rangapara North-Rangiya Passenger(Daily)
viii) Yesvantpur-Tumkur Passenger(Daily)

MEMU services

i) Bengaluru -Ramanagaram 6 days a week(3Pairs)
ii) Palwal-Delhi-Aligarh

DEMU services

i) Bengaluru -Neelmangala (Daily)
ii) Chhapra-Manduadih (6days a week)via Ballia
iii) Baramula-Banihal (Daily)
iv) Sambalpur-Rourkela (6 days a week)
v) Yesvantpur Hosur (6 days a week)


i) 22409/22410 Anand Vihar Sasaram Garib Rath Express to Gaya
ii) 12455/12456 Delhi Sarai Rohilla Sriganganagar Express to Bikaner
iii) 15231/15232 Gondia Muzaffarpur Express to Barauni
iv) 12001/12002 New Delhi Bhopal Shatabdi Express to Habibganj
v) 54602 Ludhiana-Hissar Passenger to Sadulpur
vi) 55007/55008 Sonpur-Kaptanganj Passenger to Gorakhpur
vii) 55072/55073 Gorakhpur-Thawe Passenger toSiwan
viii) 63237/63238Buxar-Mughalsarai MEMU toVaranasi
ix) 63208/63211Jhajha-PatnaMEMUtoJasidih
x) 64221/64222LucknowHardoi MEMU to Shahjahan pur
xi) 68002/68007Howrah-Belda MEMU to Jaleswar

Trains Running Through Dhenkanal Station

Dhenkanal is now going to be industrial hub and more visitors coming to our town. Apart from bus services people depends upon trains to travel daily to nearby cities. Most of cities connected to dhenkanal rail but frequency is still a issue for dhenkanal public.

We hope in coming more trains will flow through dhenkanal railway station and help us travel.

dhenkanal railway station

Trains running through dhenkanal