Hight Court Notice on Improving Inter-dist Bus Service between Dhenkanal and Cuttack

CUTTACK: The Orissa High Court on Wednesday issued notice to State Commerce and Transport department on providing adequate bus service from Cuttack to Dhenkanal as well as improving passenger conveniences at Badambadi bus stand.

 Treating a letter petition filed by one Asita Prasad Tripathy, chairman of Siddha Mahabir Pratisthan, Dhenkanal, as PIL, the division bench of Justice P Mohanty and Justice B Mohanty directed the department to file its response.

 The petition drew the attention of the HC to the plight of passengers travelling between the two cities.

 The petitioner has appealed to the court to direct the Government for extension of city bus service from Cuttack to Dhenkanal with at least three rounds a day. He has also requested to issue instructions to the buses plying during night to enter Dhenkanal town and stop at the town bus stand.

poor bus service in dhenkanal

Bus Service in Dhenkanal town

 The petitioner alleged that passengers from Dhenkanal were subjected to discrimination by buses at Badambadi bus stand. As a majority of the buses go to Angul, Dhenkanal passengers are not allowed inside till most of the seats are occupied by those going to Angul and Talcher.

 The pressing problem was also taken up earlier at the Transport Secretary-level with a high-level meeting deciding on 20 per cent reservation of seats for Dhenkanal passengers. However, the decisions are yet to be implemented.

To make the woes of passengers worse, night plying buses did not enter the town and they disembarked passengers at the bypass subjecting them to severe inconveniences in the late hours.

 The petitioner also called upon the High Court to direct the Government to start City bus service between Cuttack and Dhenkanal. There should also be a fare revision considering the distance between Cuttack and Dhenkanal, Tripathy submitted

Source: New Indian Express

Distance from Dhenkanal to other Places in Odisha and India

Dhenkanal attracts thousands of travellers whole year because of places like kaplash, saptasajya, joranda, pachimeswar, palace in town and other historical places.

Each year tourist came from odisha, outside india and other part of country to visit here. We should give proper respect and care to them. Odisha tourism department working on it but need more on it.

Let’s See other Cities towns and places near dhenkanal and distance from here:

  • Angul: 60 KM
  • Cuttack: 53 KM
  • Bhubaneswar: 80 KM
  • Puri: 130 KM
  • Sambalpur: 220 KM
  • Jharsuguda: 270 KM
  • Kolkata: 480 Kilometers


Reach dhenkanal

Distance map of dhenkanal

Both you can reach here by bus and train, all major towns in india connected to these services. But if you are coming from other part of county, the nearest airport is Bhubaneswar which is not very far you can book a cab to reach here.

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