Income Tax Office – Dhenkanal Town

Income tax office hold a special status for each individuals living in our country, whether you are doing Job or have your own business, all of us have to pay Taxes as per law. Dhenkanal Income Tax Office located at Kunjakanta just in front of Khemka Shopping Mall. Pay your due taxes in time and leave happily.

Income Tax Office, Dhenkanal, Odisha

Income Tax Office, Dhenkanal, Odisha

More and More Younger Generation Taking Up Business in Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal city is growing up and this clearly seen fom youngsters now. Young students even started doing some business to earn money early in their life to have a better future. Dhenkanal’s market clearly visible their talents.

Now more and more distributors for different product coming to our town by these young talented youngsters. Retail and wholesale shops growing and we have a better future at dhenkanal as a consumer.

Products like Medicine, shoes, fashion clothes, bike show rooms flourished here and have a better future. Thanks to all young new businessmen here. All the Best.

Distributors in dhenkanal

Distributors in dhenkanal

Hight Court Notice on Improving Inter-dist Bus Service between Dhenkanal and Cuttack

CUTTACK: The Orissa High Court on Wednesday issued notice to State Commerce and Transport department on providing adequate bus service from Cuttack to Dhenkanal as well as improving passenger conveniences at Badambadi bus stand.

 Treating a letter petition filed by one Asita Prasad Tripathy, chairman of Siddha Mahabir Pratisthan, Dhenkanal, as PIL, the division bench of Justice P Mohanty and Justice B Mohanty directed the department to file its response.

 The petition drew the attention of the HC to the plight of passengers travelling between the two cities.

 The petitioner has appealed to the court to direct the Government for extension of city bus service from Cuttack to Dhenkanal with at least three rounds a day. He has also requested to issue instructions to the buses plying during night to enter Dhenkanal town and stop at the town bus stand.

poor bus service in dhenkanal

Bus Service in Dhenkanal town

 The petitioner alleged that passengers from Dhenkanal were subjected to discrimination by buses at Badambadi bus stand. As a majority of the buses go to Angul, Dhenkanal passengers are not allowed inside till most of the seats are occupied by those going to Angul and Talcher.

 The pressing problem was also taken up earlier at the Transport Secretary-level with a high-level meeting deciding on 20 per cent reservation of seats for Dhenkanal passengers. However, the decisions are yet to be implemented.

To make the woes of passengers worse, night plying buses did not enter the town and they disembarked passengers at the bypass subjecting them to severe inconveniences in the late hours.

 The petitioner also called upon the High Court to direct the Government to start City bus service between Cuttack and Dhenkanal. There should also be a fare revision considering the distance between Cuttack and Dhenkanal, Tripathy submitted

Source: New Indian Express

Straw Crafts – Jirala Village of Dhenkanal District

Jirala village may be not known to world, but this beautiful village has one talented artist who make amazing crafts from straws. Now he is not only doing it for him, he started training other poor children and women in this area. Mr Pradeepta Kumar Nayak, is talent handicraft artist from our Dhenkanal District which should be promoted to next level.

Handicrafts of dhenkanal

Straw Craft artist from Jirala, Dhenkanal

Source: Indian Express


Rubber Plantation in Dhenkanal District

Rubber is generally planted in large fields and from each tree latex collected through coconut shell. All trees planted in same distance which give a beautiful look to this area. Dhenkanal district also have rubber plantation drive which you can see if you travel to saptasajya area.

Most of didn’t even know it exist. Why are you waiting for go and have a look and start planting rubber.


Natural Rubber Plants, Dhenkanal

Natural Rubber Plants, Dhenkanal

Trains Running Through Dhenkanal Station

Dhenkanal is now going to be industrial hub and more visitors coming to our town. Apart from bus services people depends upon trains to travel daily to nearby cities. Most of cities connected to dhenkanal rail but frequency is still a issue for dhenkanal public.

We hope in coming more trains will flow through dhenkanal railway station and help us travel.

dhenkanal railway station

Trains running through dhenkanal

Everest climber Kalpana Das made Dhenkanal Town Proud

A brave lady , Kalpana Das scaled Mount Everest , as it made her first lady in odisha to achieve such a feat.

Kalpana scaled the world’s highest peak on May 21, along with 20 other Indian climbers.

Hailing from Dhenkanal District in Odisha, this woman made us proud who is also a lawyer, always cherished a dream of climbing Mount Everest since her childhood.

She faced a lot of difficulties during the course of the expedition, but her grit and determination kept her going. She Crediting her achievement to the wishes of her well-wishers.

“It is due to God’s mercy and the best wishes of my family that I was able to scale Everest and returned safely. I’m happy and am keen to attempt climbing it again,” she said.

It was Kalpana’s third attempt at the expedition, as she could not complete her trek to Everest on earlier two occasions due to bad health and unfavorable weather conditions. (ANI)

Climber from Odisha

Everest Climber Kalpana Das, Dhenkanal

Fire Station and Fireman of Dhenkanal – Know Your Life Savers

Dhenkanal Fire Station is located near stadium, from main road a small road connecting it by the side of Mini Stadium. Our Fire Station and its services also need to be updated regularly as per world standard.

You may not knew Firemans, but save our life and help us from many natural calamities like flood, fire, earthquake etc. In foreign countries FIREMAN honoured and respected more than any Govt Service. Are we giving them the same respect?

Give them encouragement, they are also soldiers of our country.

Fireman and Services

Fire Station at Dhenkanal

Temples around Dhenkanal Town

Dhenkanal Town have many small temples and places to visit. In Our District we have famous temples for God Shiva which attract thousands of tourist each year.

Some of temples are:

  1. Pachimeswar Temple
  2. Sanischar Mandir, Godidihi
  3. Sidha Ramachandi, Nadhara
  4. Goukanekeswar Mandir, Nadhara
  5. Baladevajeu Mandir (Deula Sahi)
  6. Kunjakanta Mandir (Kunjakanta)
  7. Sundarasuni Mandir (Bypass Chawk)
  8. Dakhinakali Mandir (Dakhinakali Road)
  9. Kapilash Temple
  10. Sita-ram Mandir, Saptasajya-Dhenkal
  11. Mahima Alekha Gadi, Joranda
  12. Shiva Mandir, Jeebankhol (Jharagadia )
  13. Sai Temple, Datatreya, Kapilas Road
  14. Matrupitha, Barada
  15. Parmeswar Temple (Hatura)
  16. Budheswar Temple,Bhuban
  17. Satsang Srimandir, Dhenkanal


Mandira in dhenkanal town

Pachimeswar Temple, Near Bhapur, Dhenkanal

DRDA Office Dhenkanal – Your Helping hand for Developement

District Rural Development Agency of Dhenkanal helping citizens to in field of employment through different Schemes like MGNREGS, BRGF, IAY, NRLM and more.

There are 8 Blocks we have in dhenkanal districts which address issues and helping people to set up new business/ employment through it.

List of Blocks are:

  1. Gondia
  2. Odapada
  3. Parjang
  4. Bhuban
  5. Hindol
  6. Sadar
  7. Kankadahad
  8. Kamakhyanagar


Dhenkanal DRDA Building

DRDA Office, Dhenkanal, Odisha


You can contact in below Address for any queries:

District Rural Development Agency [DRDA]

Famous Poets and Authors of Dhenkanal

Natural beauty dhenkanal gave birth many talented personalities. We have many famous writers who wrote and spread their knowledge all over world.

We are collecting and give you more information about them soon.

Here is the list:

  • Gorakhnath
  • Sridhara Swami
  • Kabi BaschaDas
  • Dinakrushna Das
  • Jayakrusna Mishra
  • Gangadhar Mishra
  • Bidyadhar Mohanty
  • Ratnaprabha Devi
  • Damodhar Pattnaik
  • Banamali Singh
  • Sarojini Sahoo

Famous Writer Mrs Sarojini Devi