Hero Bike Show Room in Dhenkanal

Now with time, number of bike riders in india rising. Now each family member need a bike or car for him/ her. Because of all major towns in india now have multiple number of car and bike showrooms which sold them to desired customer and also offer services for those vehicle.

Bike and Car showroom in Dhenkanal District

Bike and Car showrooms in Dhenkanal Town

Condition of Daily Vegetable and Fish Market in Dhenkanal

Dhenkanal’s Oldest Daily Market looks pretty old from the board, hope the market is maintained and regulated correctly by organizers. Daily vegetables and fish coming from near by villages in dhenkanal or other districts. As Dhenkanal’s population rising along with time we need to keep an eye on future expansion markets like this which serve people of dhenkanal.

Dhenkanal Vegetable and Fish Daily Market

Dhenkanal Vegetable and Fish Daily Market

A Railway Over Bridge at Dhenkanal whose Making taking more than a Decade

We as dhenkanalian saw the making of the railway bridge between dhenkanal and similia from a decade but the work still in progress.  People facing lot of problem for it and specially the areas connected around similia and goes to kapilash part.  God Knows when this is going to be complete and we not face the traffic problem during passing trains through dhenkanal.

Dhenkanal Railway Over Bridge

Dhenkanal Railway Over Bridge

Canal Work in Progress in Dhenkanal District

Irrigation department in odisha trying to provide water to all areas where we do not have canals or water bodies. For same reason dhenkanal district got a chance to have a canal. The work is going on but it is very slow and looks like it will take years to complete.

Due to work Common people  residing nearby areas having lot of problem during communication and looks like their relief will not come sooner. Another problem which happens in these areas due to canal digging, all near by ponds and well water going to the canal area making them blank. This is very difficult situation during summer season.

Canal work in India

Canal work in India

Common Questions asked by dhenkanalians are:

  1. What about the deadline?
  2. Does the all land holders got money?


What is in Your Mind, can we able to have a good harvest of crops if this canal completed?