Best Tourist and Picnic Spots in Dhenkanal

In every Winter season we are always looking for some fun and travel. Because, this is the season when we need direct sunlight and in daytime we want to roam outsite of our house. So, little bit travelling and picnic is the ideal choice in this season. Because, we are all busy with our day to day life and not have much time to thinking about grand trip everytime. In Dhenkanal, you can find lots of nearby locations where you will make a short trip or picnic with spending a single day. Following are the well known places where you can make a plan to visit with family and friends:

  • Kamakhyadevi Temple
  • Kapilas Temple
  • Mahimagadi Joranda
  • Saptasajya Temple
  • Siddha Balaram Temple
  • Kanakeswar Temple (Kualo)
  • Naganatheswar Temple
  • Shri Kunjakant Temple
  • Saranga
  • Dandadhar
  • Ladagada
Kapilash Temple of Dhenkanal

Kapilash Temple of Dhenkanal