Who will be the King of India tomorrow after 2014 Election Result

India is still in the hand of kings and foreigners even after 67 years of independence of our country. Either we run by people from same family member as your neta or run by mind of someone who was not india or not from india.

Still we people have faith on them and keep voting for those who even not care of us till last election. This time picture of  country looks different but all we can see after 2014 election result published tomorrow from 8 am.

Dhenkanal District is not far behind in these race, we have some old and new candidates who have taken this challenge and making sure people will get  all they want.

There are many questions still in people’s mind as odisha will have two results one for Bidhan Sabha and second is for Lok Sabha. 2014 election is surely different as this time we have highest number of voters who are first time voters.


Election 2014 Result on 16th May 2014

Questions and confusion on common people’s mind:

Who will win election 2014? Can we have justice this year ? can we see a better india ? Can Modi win? or Same Sonia Ji Run our country.