Dhenkanal health and public awareness about facilities

Our city have good facility of medical care but there are lot of scope to make it better. We together can create a better health care system in our district. We need to encourage and support govt to build it a better place.

Few of the area where we need to work:

  • Take care of babies – Which means more doctors needed who can give us quality treatment for pregnent women until delivery.
  • Clean your surrounding – We have to keep clean where ever we visit and stay. You can help it by cleaning your home, out side of home, street near your home,
  • even if dhenkanal municipality does this, do not wait do it when ever you can, plant trees if space is there, do not throw garbage on streets, etc.
  • Be ready to help a needy person – If you find any people who need health assistancr, please help them to reach hospitals.
  • Business should not be mind of a doctor- We will not find anymore doctors like this but instead of fully business minded, they can help sociiety by serving few needy poor people daily with free service.
  • Take care of Old Parents – Do not throw them out like we saw in many bollywood movies, take care of them and do regular medical check up of them. If you still not sure of who they are watch “baghban movie”


There are infinity ways to make our city clean. Just Do something in your area and lets make dhenkanal beautiful place to live in for present and future generation of people.

Health in dhenkanal

Dhenkanal health care and cleanliness starts