Thousand of devotees started their Journey to Lord Shiva Temples around Dhenkanal

Devotees from all over odisha and nearby states started visiting shiva temple to offer water to god. Bol bum celebrated from first monday of shrabana month. Devotees walk in barefoot carrying water which they offer lord shiva. Famous temples like Kapilash, Pachimeswar have the most number of traffic in this season.


Bol Bum Dhenkanal

Bol Bum devotees walking through Dhenkanal to reach kapilash

Dhenkanal and elephants in around the district

Elephant and tigers are disapperaring all over india but in dhenkanal district we can see elephants easily on road if we travel towards Kapilash  or Bhapur road after evening. They pass on these main roads with their group.

Take care and look side of roads if you travel late at night, they may attack you.

Elephants on dhenkanal road

Elephants on dhenkanal road