PSR Cinema (Old Amarnath Talkies) Now Open with a new look

It is good news for movie lovers at Dhenkanal. We all remember the memory of watching movie at Amarnath Hall during 90s. 

At that time this is the best Cinema Hall of Dhenkanal District, after long we all can watch cinemas at a quality hall at our city.

Yes, PSR Cinema which have Theaters at places like Sundargarh, Rourkela, Keonjhar, now open one at Dhankinakali Road. Hope PSR can fulfill the expectation of Dhenkanal Viewers.

The best part is you can now book ticket online and simply go at time of show directly with your friends and family.

You can read about Mahalaxmi Cinema.

PSR Cinema
PSR Cinema, Dhenkanal, Picture: PSR, Dhenkanal Hall

Mahalaxmi Cinema Hall: Oldest in Dhenkanal May Close due to widen of National Highway

Many of must enjoyed watching movie at the Mahalaxmi Takies at Korian Dhenkanal. Now its fate depend on the wide road going through NH. As per Cinema authority, road wide may grasp whole building and they will plan to build a modern hall after road construction complete.

All we can say, we want to see this hall and keep it for our future generations.

Movie Hall

Oldest Cinema Hall of Dhenkanal